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Make money online How To Use Snack Video App


How To Use Snack Video App

Make money online How To Use Snack Video App
Snack Video

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Check My Snack Video

You have a new follower you never knew existed.

 You like him, and you love what he says. You know he has no clue who you are (until he watches the video and realizes that you are a celebrity!), but if this dude wants to watch it, you know you’re building a good relationship.

You probably have no idea how to use a smartphone app, but every minute counts.

So you get onto the app that you are there for to see what’s up and see that you have many things to add!

In order to create a good relationship with a new fan, you need to use the app. The app doesn’t just give you so many fancy new features, but it will also prove that you will treat people well.


There are millions of app developers in the market and we have tried countless things to make our followers feel special.

You are showing your followers that you are worth their time and is worth supporting you for what you do. If you don’t use the app to show your followers what’s up with you, there is no point. You must be on their side to look after your fans in the long run!

Below is a guide on how to start your first user base and show your followers how grateful you are to them.

Install the app

When you install the app, make sure you have it on your phone by using the link.

Connect to your Facebook account to log in

Sign in using your Facebook account

Connect your iPhone account

Then go to your profile picture where you will find your profile page.

Open the app menu by tapping on your profile picture

The app will show you how to create your own account. From here you will find that you can add friends to your account

From here you can choose who can sign in with you, with whom you can view status updates.

Where you need to check your content

You can manage your fan engagement through email notifications or text messages

Facebook profile settings

Reach out to your fans using short message services

Manage all of your likes and comments on the app

Manage likes and comments

Unfollow your followers

Manage your likes and comments

Post for Facebook once per day

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