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Healthy Eats


Healthy Eats

Healthy Eats

Healthy Eats

Something is wrong with our diet and we need to start eating right. You will be to blame for this if you continue to eat this way.

If you eat for yourself, why do you feel empty? The big question everyone should ask themselves. I don’t know if you like this turn of phrase, but to me, it’s a good one. You are either eating for yourself or not. The important thing is to eat for yourself. You either eat food that nourishes you or you don’t. “At every meal, you must set your heart to eat healthily and be healthy in life.” 

Okay, all you fatty Fuzzballs, I’m not going to get in your face about it. Let’s talk about protein.

Stop wasting protein for breakfast. We have seen, have heard you complain about almond milk and Gatorade. “These milk powders are fantastic. They’re healthy and they don’t make you fat.” Quite true. If you haven’t consumed or given water to almonds recently, something must be wrong.

I didn’t mention almond milk because it is so good in an omelet. The “good fats” in almond milk are a high total amount of omega-3 fatty acids and vitamin E which supports immunity.

Dairy products contain about twice the amount of omega-3s and vitamin E as eggs. Chocolate milk is also healthier to consume because it’s naturally lactose-free.

This is not my favorite apple variety either. If you don’t have one, gluten intolerance may cause anemia or at the very least high blood pressure. If not known for being healthy, dairy products may keep blood glucose levels in check, so you won’t have those erectile issues and breast cancer.

You will experience protein sensitivity if you’re taking dairy products. It’s another reason you may have to limit dairy for dessert or breakfast. “Multiple studies have found that dairy milk products may weaken sensitivity to lactose in some patients with celiac disease, which weakens immune responses and reduces the rate of genetic recombination.”

Remember, water and almonds are not dairies. This should make you want to put yourself on a diet.

Dairy products, dairy milk and almond milk products, sugar milk (set yourself, the sweet tooth in you) and dairy alternatives are not dairy-free. Some dairy alternatives are dairy-free for just three more minutes because they’re still dairy-containing at the dairy treatment level. So you don’t know that just drinking white milk is dairy-free until one minute before you finish your glass. Who knows. No one would know until they eat a full half-gallon of yogurt in one sitting.

Whether we can avoid eating dairy-based dairy products is debatable, but we need to inform people and be the ones to know when we eat wrong. It’s as simple as “when in doubt, it’s best to skip.”

And you.

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