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 Top 10 Female fashion trends

Fashion Trends
 Hello every blog, today I am back.
with another wearable fashion trends blog. This time it's Fall Edition, which is just great, I love Fall fashion, I'm sure you guys do too, I don't like what it leads to, leads to winter, at least for me. Anyway, I can at least enjoy what I'm wearing, today I have amazing items for you to consider, they're again, very, very wearable, they're not super weird, they're just awesome.

 I have collaborated with Nordstrom for this blog, it's usually what I do each new season. They have the best trends, but they also have the best classic pieces. I can always just find exactly what I'm looking for. So everything will be linked down below in the depiction box on the off chance that you end up being intrigued, I am gonna go through 10 different things, so let's get started. Number blog, as always,

I like to start with what I'm wearing, I have so many good things to say about this dress, but it is definitely a trend, a wearable trend because of the floral Fall blog. So floral is nothing new, I mean like you can literally do floral every single season and in every single way,

 but I really think this embodies fall just with the blog. It's not your typical oranges and beiges, but it has this muted turquoise, almost, I don't know, just the color palette is beautiful and the best part of this dress, there's so many things, the price point is 69 bucks, but the material, the way it's designed, how flattering it is. So, so wearable, the sleeve length is awesome, at first, I was kinda nervous about how low cut it was, but I don't think it's bad at all, I am wearing a completely normal bra, I'm not revealing anything,

 I feel very comfortable in it. There's rushing down the waist, it's very, very flattering, hides any trouble or concerning areas you might have. There's also a slight slit up the front, it's just so easy, and again, the material is so soft. It's definitely something to keep in mind. The next trend, we're seeing our boxers for women, yes, I said it, let's keep this train going, let's keep it going because you know, guys have been doing this for years and they're comfortable every day, and here we are, we're not. I ordered these, they're by SKIMS, which is Kim Kardashian's line and, you know, love her or hate her,

 I don't know why would you hate her? I don't know. These are really nice, they're very, very high quality, you can get them in so many different colors and on blogs, but the biggest thing is there are no lines, and so I was wearing them with this dress, I'm not wearing them right now, so you don't know what I'm wearing. I keep reaching for them, even when I wear jeans, like literally anything, and they're just so, so comfortable.

 So anyway, yeah, this is the only pair that I have, so I feel like maybe I should invest in a few more. This next item has nothing to do with trends, it's not on my list. I'm just throwing it in here because I got it recently from Nordstrom and I've been loving it, 

It is definitely a trend you do more in the summer, but because of the blog, it's perfect for Fall as well. And it is a Chanel Cream Bronzer, it's in the shade, deep tan bronze, and I love it. As you can tell by the footage, this is very new, like you can still see that swirl, and my goodness, it's beautiful. You just dip your brush in and it's a really nice neutral, bronze with a slight, ever so slight cool blog to it, which makes it just look more like a shadow, just makes it look a little bit more natural and you can just blend it really, really well. It's super easy and it's great for contouring and bronzing and it just, it lasts all day. So I thought I would just mention it. Next, 
we have the sweater vest and I just wanna pat myself on the back, because I totally called this trend months ago. And here we are, there are they're very in now. Hblogstly I don't know which blogs I like better, so these are both from Nordstrom, both IBP, both like under 30 bucks. This blog is the only print and this is an extra small. So this blog comes oversized and this blog is small, so like a bigger size yet smaller, so this is more just true to size. And this comes in many more color options too, but really you might be looking at this and again, you might still hate it, but I'm telling you it's way more wearable and way more stylish than what you might think.

 All you need is just a button-down long-sleeve or then again casual shirt, and you simply toss it on under. I feel like White's the easiest, but really you could do many colors and then put this on overtop and BADA BOOM BADA BING, why do I say that? I don't know. This looks really stylish, it's very, very wearable and on-trend. Now, in some of that footage, you may have seen this black bag, it's a pillow bag, as you can see by the kind of like quilting, the pillow to the puffiness of it, it definitely a trendy bag, and I just love this blog so much. So first of all, I just love Kurt Geiger bags, I feel like the detail, the quality is awesome.

 The price point is also really good, but this blog, in particular, I just feel, it's just a really good, easy, stylish bag. I love the chain detail, but I also love this cross-party option, it's very adjustable like this, like thicker, like, you know, seat belt strap, as you might wanna call it. It's very, very adjustable and comfortable for you.

 So you can wear this as a shoulder bag or a crossbody bag, or heck just take it off, you can just like remove it, you know, and then you can use this as just an easy bag like that, you can literally put it on your shoulder. It's just like so many stylish bags in the blog. Quick interruption in your viewing pleasure, if you haven't already subscribed, I would love for you to take literally two seconds and hit the subscribe button down below. Just hit the button, it's totally free. Next,

 we're back to another Fall dress option. This blog is more traditionally Fall, on account of the genuine shading, however, it's on the pattern in view of the weaved eyelids, like that specific example and the unsettles we're seeing a ton of, however, this present blog's very simple to wear since it is long sleeve, it's extremely, OK with the length, like it truly does simply appear as though a simple Fall dress that you can simply get, you can dress it up, you can dress it down. Talking about like wearing it,

I have two choices here. I didn't have a clue what, simply remark underneath. You see me wearing, you know, tall boots, I battle, is it in is it out, I don't have the foggiest idea. I somewhat like it, however, at that point,

 I additionally wore more booties on the opposite side. So remark down beneath, how might you style this dress? In any case, I feel like it works furthermore, this is an amazing dress to have in your closet. This next pattern, I totally love. Most certainly entirely wearable, exceptionally simple. It's observable, however like in a great way. Also, it's a sweater or a top, however, the sleeves don't care for a tie, it resembles a tie sleeve top. Truly, I don't have a clue what you call it, I simply continue to see it to a great extent. It's most certainly a moving subtlety, yet better believe it, this is a sweater. I got it in dark, somewhat has like a decent counterfeit neck top, and afterward, the sleeves are somewhat belled, and afterward, when you just put it on, you're going to must have some blog tie the sleeves as far as you might be concerned, yet it somewhat like snaps it together. It's simply a truly decent, excellent female detail. Alright, so you might've seen the full cowhide pants in the last clasp, certainly as yet moving during the current year. Like full cowhide pants, similar to you may cherish them. You may loathe them, yet, in the event that you disdain them and you don't believe they're that wearable think about a top like this, this is a full calfskin top,

 I love this, I got this a couple of months prior, I'm actually wearing it. You can wear such countless various jeans with it. Like you can wear pants, you can wear dress jeans, you can dress it up, you can dress it down. In any case, no doubt, this is an incredible, simple wearable approach to join the full calfskin pattern. In this blog, I've most certainly been zeroing in additional on tops furthermore, dresses, which are incredible, be that as it may, out of everything in this blog, these are the thing I am wearing practically consistently. I'm fixated on this corrosive wash, straight-leg pants. They're $45, I wear them pretty much each and every day. The shading is flawless, particularly when you get them in person like truly, they are so decent, I like, I love these, simply think about them. And afterward, likewise, I needed to specify these wide-leg or even payload pants, which are much more stylish, yet once more, they're simply blogging in an incredibly, great way. They're likewise $45, you've seen me wear them a couple of times all through this blog.

 So they're certainly entirely wearable, yet once more, they're not overwhelming. They're not insanely tremendous delaying the floor, they're decent wide-leg jeans that you can really wear. Next

 I needed to share a couple of shoes to consider beginning with these Nike tennis shoes, which I couldn't say whether you can tell, be that as it may, they sort of have vintage energy to them. That is certainly the pattern we're seeing when it comes to shoes, I accept these are a return to 1979. I didn't realize that I just found it, I ensured they were as yet in stock and they are, they come in many blogs really.

 I clearly got these, which are somewhat more unbiased, however, every blog of them has sort of a vintage quieted blog to them also, they are consistent with size. So mines is a size seven and a half and they fit incredible. That is my, that is my genuine size. Alright, we can not have a full-style blog without discussing boots. What I'm going to show you is I feel like I'm going to hear a lot of blended thoughts here, what's more, that is fine, that is typically what occurs with patterns, be that as it may, this is certainly moving. Furthermore, I believe it's more wearable than your opinion, so they are, they're similar to Western-style boots. In this way, what I like to call that, I somewhat, I feel like they are somewhat similar to Western see, I'm wearing them with simply some straight-leg pants, with a decent white traditional pullover, a cross bodypack with like this cognac, what's more, I feel like, truly, these are far more wearable than what you may anticipate.

 They additionally come in different blogs like the dark. They most certainly have Western energy to them. It's truly up here where they sort of look more Western, while down here it resembles a normal pointed boot. However, once more, in case this isn't your thing, I thoroughly comprehend. Blog second, I've referenced these before in earlier recordings. I truly think these are great, they're most certainly thick, yet, they're blog in a decent way, I love these. I likewise continue to go after these. I think these are extraordinary for this Fall season furthermore, truly agreeable, they give you some tallness. They sort of stretch your legs, but since of the quieted beige blog, they look somewhat more ladylike than like a dull dark, stout boot. Good, so I wasn't anticipating doing this blog,

it's going to be a little reward expansion as number 11, in any case, it should have been in this blog. It's encouraging, it shouts Fall, it's a Sherpa coat. It resembles a conservative coat, and you know, I feel like Sherpa has been moving the most recent couple of years, however, typically it's a blog in like a sweatshirt or on the other hand a pullover style. Though this is only a traditional coat can toss it on with whatever, the shading is great, also, it's simply so comfortable and warm. So those are my 10 or 11 wearable Fall style of 2021 and as I referenced,

 I'll have everything connected down beneath in the depiction box, alongside my estimating, simply in the event that that is useful. Some of the time individuals track down that accommodating, however, in any case, consider offering this blog a go-ahead, possibly buying in case you're new what's more, I'll see you extremely soon in my next blog, bye.

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