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Way To Earn Money at Home That Suits You With Three Simple Questions


Way To Earn Money at Home That Suits You With Three Simple Questions

Way To Earn Money at Home That Suits You With Three Simple Questions

Before we dive in, I want to just say something about how frustrating it is for us business owners to have things that were once taken for granted in every aspect of our life being taken for granted by customers who only take for granted that we would give them whatever it is we are offering. They forget who we are and what we can do. I never say goodbye to these customers. I hate it. So, I hope that what follows are the answers to some of the basic questions I ask myself on a daily basis that people should be asking themselves when there is no longer a connection for them. If we as business owners can ask them those questions, it will increase the prospects of someone doing business with us and thus the prospects of finding ways to share our best practices with those who can benefit most from it.

How do you discover the last complete tool you’ve used to serve customers?

One thing I take pride in is the fact that I’ve used the same things every single time to serve people. Why? Because it is possible to develop certain capabilities and processes that you can utilize to improve your overall business or otherwise. For example, I’ve been using Excel for over 20 years and I’ve done a lot of variations on it in those many years that we’ve served people. That knowledge came in handy when taking contracts. For that, I needed a comprehensive set of programming skills. Now, when it comes to Excel, it’s not very hard to develop your own configuration. Because Excel can take commands either from a terminal or a conventional laptop. So, when working on one slide or a table, you can change what you are seeing without having to buy a Macintosh.

How do you come up with the best weekly update?

If someone asks me that, I’m going to say that the best way is to find out if you have an updated version of Excel ready to go. I didn’t really need to do that, but the amount of technical content that Excel provides is vast. Excel is used to manage many business processes. When I started Excel 16 years ago, I used a more basic version. Then, it was able to handle Excel 201 in 2003. Over the last 12 years, it has seen about 20 iterations and is pretty darn powerful. These days, I update Excel weekly and I’ve learned not to spend that much time unless I have an Excel module within my business, such as graphic design.

How do you give yourself enough attention to ensure that the service you are providing is the best?

When we speak of our core business, particularly in the States, it is more often about providing value over the course of service with analytics and things like that. Here in China, it is less simple, and the business we are providing is more online. It’s more like a certain type of shopping site that we offer our customers. It can be deployed as an app or a web-based service that they can run themselves. We know that the shopping site we are providing is the best you can go to. And so, we’re the experts. When I’m taken on there, I must spend more time making sure that the business we are providing is the best that it can be. Our goal, all the time, is to provide the best experience for our customers. We look at our sales often to see how the business is progressing. If our sales are up and we’re giving better service, we feel good. On the other hand, if sales decline because of certain issues or the internet is used differently and other retailers are taking our customers, then we have to make adjustments.

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